How It Happened

Hello everyone!
For my first post after forever, I decided to share about my first novel. Like, the very first time I got a novel which changed my life completely (meh, a bit dramatic there).
When I was little (maybe like five years old something), my mom brought me to bookshops once in a month and sometimes more than once and that also mean buying me two to three storybooks. I always enjoyed especially the part of choosing which books to buy. I still remember some of the books we bought back then like Little Red Riding Hood, The Princess and a Pea (I guess that’s the title) and other good local stories. We had stopped buying books when I was in elementary school because I’ve started borrowing books from my school library, so it kind of saving our budgets.
In 2012, I was thirteen years old. That was when I got my very first novel, Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler which I bought (more like my dad payed for me) in local bookshop. I chose it because of the cover. It’s cute and bright.
After I read the book and totally loving it, there was this feeling inside me wanting to read more. That feeling after reading a good book is very overwhelming. It’s.. satisfying. Who doesn’t like reading good books and get their feelings all over the places, right? I believe we all are looking forward to those feelings again, and I also believe we will feel that again.
Additionally, I started to save my pocket money to buy books and it continues until now. But unlike the past few years, I eat a lot nowadays which means there isn’t a lot of pocket money left. It just isn’t enough. So, if it’s not enough it means I can’t buy book anymore. I’m in such crisis right now.
Anyway, the passion have brought me to bookstagram. I don’t recall how I discover it, though it just happened. The only thing I remember is it was in 2015. Not so long ago.
Well, that’s the story how I begin to love reading and continue doing it. Even if I stop, if it means to be, it will be.
Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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