Review: Regan: Snatcher of Souls


Title: Regan: Snatcher of Souls

Author: Rebecca McDowall

Genre: Fantasy, Magic Realism

Published: 26 October 2017

Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie LTD

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Disclaimer: I got this copy from the publisher, for you see, in exchange of an honest review which I shall say, from the very opinion of my own. (Excuse that talk of mine, I was trying to be literary after reading this book but failed, if I’m being honest lol.)

Cassie or as known as Regan, is the daughter of the Devil. She is the soul snatcher, taking away souls from human’s body. But you see, she is in love with Daniel who is not from her being; he is human, fragile, defenseless… and sinless.

As the daughter of the Devil, this is a disgrace to the ancestry, for having such feeling as humans and devils are not meant together. And so, this mean it’s the end for Daniel and also to the whole human race. But of course, Regan would help him from being hurt by her father.


“How can you promise the person you love that they won’t die, when you know with near certainty that the chances are they will?”

First of all, I like the cover! It’s simple yet encouraging especially the color (at least for me). Also, I feel so clever by reading this book! *laughs mockingly at myself

Okay so, the beginning start with the talk of Regan’s inner self. From the way she talked, you might think she’s a decent person but actually she is arrogant and proud (for me). She’s like a diva version of devil, or so I thought as the bravado in her words as she spoke to her kinds was rather downgrading; she’s mean.

IMG-6529 (1)

Well, maybe because she’s the Master’s daughter… (Way to be proud, maybe? Ha.)

However, there’s nothing much happened in the beginning. It was too detail-y, kind of too much what-ifs. Regan was contemplating with herself too much.

BUT, despite of the ‘too much detail-y‘ thing, I think the writing style is on point! It is so poetic, with the imagery and all those literary devices. This is the reason why I feel clever by reading this book. I admit I might make a fool of myself here talking about literature, because I’m not an expert in language but I just think that it is interesting.

It is so… literary.

Although this book got me reading in a serious mode (it was a serious read), I actually laughed! The scene where Daniel almost got caught, it was so serious and panicking but right when the Samsung opening theme came to life… I can’t help but laughed. Thanks for the bit of humor there, I like that. Of course I felt bad for laughing but I found it hella funny! Like, Samsung, why that moment though?


Damn, that’s my favorite of all the parts. Also, I enjoyed the scene at the salon! *smirks 

Anyway, that chapter 13 got me confused. It was a great scene, really but it took me long enough to process what was actually going on and who was actually talking. This book is mostly from Regan’s point of view but there are also a mix up from others such as third person POV; just the necessaries and what needed to be told from the narrative, though. There weren’t much actually.

I would recommend this book to those who like fantasy. And maybe those who interested in literature…? Cause I’m sure this book is.

p.s. I don’t really read poetic language (if that even what it’s called?) even though I love it. It always have a way to interest me with the beauty of it. And thanks to this book, I kind of getting used to it now.




What do you think about this book? Let me know!


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