Review: Down in The Devil’s Hole



Title: Down in the Devil’s Hole

Author: Isabel Carter

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

Published: 26 October 2017

Publisher: Pegasus Elliot McKenzie LTD

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Seconded to a sleepy costal town, Detective Chief Inspector John Macgregor is desperate to get back to the big city. When a body washes up on the beach, what should be a quick case becomes something much more devious.Falling down a rabbit’s hole of his past, Macgregor finds himself deep in danger where nothing is as it seems.
Meanwhile, the mysterious Dr Panngesh, desperate to fit in and be accepted in his field, is so close to achieving his dream. But what is he hiding? Just what is down The Devil’s Hole?

–Official Synopsis

Big thanks to the publisher for the review copy! Which will not affect my review in any way, of course.


here’s the picture of the book in real life with my pajama pants lol

First things first, I had a hard time reading this and it got me in a reading slump. I can’t get through it and actually wanted to just DNF but hey, that’s not fair to the author, right? Maybe it will get interesting later. So that, I took a break by reading other books to make the slump go away. Thankfully, I’m finally able to finish it after six days. Fuh.

I know for a fact that this story is a thriller and it suppose to be serious, but I found it too serious and stiff. It’s not that so-into-the-story kind of serious, but more like trying-so-hard-to-get-into-the-story kind of serious. The beginning starts with the found of a body, it’s not suppose to be boring but it is boring. Maybe the way the writer delivers the story is monotonous . . .

The writing style is good, it’s nicely written but there’s a lot of telling which makes me reread the paragraph again. It’s just so easy for me to doze off while reading it. 


Although Macgregor is the main character here, I can’t seem to like him. It’s not that he’s bad or anything. He’s a devoted man but he just doesn’t come across to be the character I would like. I don’t know why . . .

I found myself interested more in Fowler’s story, which is Macgregor’s sergeant. I imagine him like a Kpop idol. Y’know, with dark hair and slim body? But then, the writer describes him as a blonde guy and just like a movie star, ‘spitting image of Chris Hemsworth’ . . .


Well, sure I imagine him as a movie star but not Hemsworth. But then, whatever, I’m going to think of him with dark hair anyway throughout the story. It suits him that way actually, with his personality and attitude. And yes, it works more like that. *winks*

The story does get interesting in the middle of the book, though. It’s actually unpredictable. Judging by the synopsis, you might think Dr. Panngesh is the main suspect of the murder here but when you get in the middle . . . damn, there comes the list of people I suspect hahaha. And that another new murder gets me all suspense. I already think bad things happening to my boy wonder. Oh my, oh my.

Anyway, there is some uncover deep sh*t in this story right before the ending. Like, you wouldn’t have thought about it in the beginning. And yeah, the ending was . . . unexpected. Like I said, it’s unpredictable.


p.s. you will found lots of coffee in this book and Scottish words!

RATING (2)STAR-3.5-2


Do you like reading thriller? Let me know what you think about it! x




16 thoughts on “Review: Down in The Devil’s Hole

    1. Yes, try this book if you’re into this kind of genre! It might be slow at first but the ending is good. 😆
      Anyway, thank you for reading, Erica! I’ll be visiting your blog soon.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Thanks Sha for the review, I am the author, haha, sorry the boy wonder didn’t meet your expectations… I based him on my sons good looks. Its my first novel and I’m open to all comments and thoughts.


    1. The boy wonder was great, really! But it’s just me who couldn’t imagined him the way you describe him, haha. But then again, he’s been doing great!


    1. ikr! i often let my imagination brings out the image of the characters based on their personality. it’s ok with me that way but when there’s a movie adaptation and the character is not even alike from my head, i’m really frustrated. anyway, i’ve never heard of the Joe Ledger. i’ll check that out later, perhaps 😁


      1. I got sooo mad at the casting of Remus for the HP movies. First time I’ve actually gotten angry over something like that.

        It was like Nooooooo. That’s not what he looks like! Did you read the books? Noooo.


  2. A lot of telling in the writing often gets super boring but I guess the story was pretty good in terms of the ending–an unexpected one is always a wonderful ending 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely hate it when the character’s image from my head doesn’t match with the real one, it’s really annoying. Lovely review, I haven’t heard of this book before, but I’ll make sure to check it out now! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! 🙆🏻💕 Every time a character doesn’t match from what i imagine, it makes me sad so i just imagine the character to be just like in my head haha. and of course i feel a bit guilty, tho 👀

      Liked by 1 person

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