DNF Review: If Only I’d Listened

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Title: If Only I’d Listened

Author: Claire Boley

Genre: Fiction

Published: 27 July 2017

Publisher: Olympia Publishers

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How ready are you for that? How would you deal with becoming a parent before you’ve left school? One thing’s for sure, you can’t unmake babies. A fact that’s borne in on Peter Knight and Samantha Smithson, fifth and sixth formers at the South East Comprehensive in Deptford, living at a time when many parents are still of the old school and pregnancy outside marriage carries a stigma. Having to face their parents, their school friends, teachers and gossip is only the beginning.
Pete’s plans for university are scotched as he must seek work and accommodation suitable for a young family. And all the time he still wants to have fun, with ‘friends’ quite happy to tempt him to do it.
As for Samantha, abortion is no easy option. Yet as her health, and her faith in Peter, goes up and down, she may have to think the unthinkable.

Official Synopsis

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

RATINGSo, I guess you know where this is going as you can already see the title above. 👀 Well, what I could say about this book is that, I didn’t enjoy it. 🙁 I thought I will, but I didn’t. It doesn’t amazed me with everything that is going on in the book.

I’m totally not a fan of the writing. 🙁 I don’t mean that the writing is bad, it’s just not my cup of tea. I get that this story is set in 60s, but I can’t seem to dive into the writing. I really felt like I’m reading a statement instead of a dialogue. 😶 The way they talk are so… weird and so formal, even with families. Or maybe it is just how people in 60s talk? ❓❓ Well, IDK. All I know is that, I didn’t feel anything. Every time they talk, I couldn’t figure out what they feel. And if I am supposed to, the way they talk doesn’t match with their feelings. 😐

Does this what people mean when they say the characters are dead? Not dead dead, but y’know, like in alive but dead… Ok, whatever. All I can say about this is that, the characters are lacking something. Something alive… And if I ever have to say a book I’ve read with lots of telling, I guess this is it. ☝🏼 This one have of it. Not just the ‘telling‘ but the unnecessary parts are ones that also made me lose interest. 😞

And I loathe the main character. I thought he’s humble and kind but he’s not. He turns out to be an a** and rude. 😠 I’m surprised that he’s rude to Sam’s parents and basically to everyone around him and to my surprised, he’s also rude to Sam, regardless of what he had done to her; getting pregnant, obviously. 

It annoyed me when he’s being a jerk after Sam told him she didn’t want to have sex in the lavatories. 😡 But being a jerk he is, he tells her off that she can’t get pregnant on top of being pregnant. Boy, if a girl said no to that, then no.  🤬🤦🏻‍♀️

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And this what caught me off guard…

“I met up with my mates and three of us went out looking for Jack, she fancies me,” I said, laughing in Sam’s face. 

“You are telling me that you would have had sex with her given half the chance?”

“Sort of, my mates were thinking of a gang bang. Don’t worry she wasn’t around, the thing is Sam once you have had sex especially if you are a bloke, you can’t live without it, so everyone I’ve talked to tells me, that includes the police, and I’m desperate, so when are we going to have it again?”

And here’s another… wow he’s a f*cking jerk.

“Stop it, Pete, do you love me?”

“Is sex love? If it is I do love you.”

Well, that’s just so rude and I’m offended, really. If I’m in Sam’s shoes, I will already beat the sh*t out of him and tell him to f*ck off right in his face. 🤬⚔️💣

Their relationship is just so weird. They don’t really know each other, and they don’t have the chemistry. All they do is that, to have sex. For me, there’s no love in their relationship. Only infatuation. Especially Pete.

I also loathe the hypocrisy in Pete’s parents. I hate how they changed 360 degrees after the news. They are like totally different people from what they seem to be like at the beginning of the story. I admit I was going to like them. Also, his mother always wants to make a cup/pot of tea. Always. Every time. I love tea, but this just makes me tired of it already. She wants it every. single. time. It’s like all she does is making/drinking tea. And to be honest, it’s annoying. 🙄💆🏻‍♀️


Damn… it seems like I hate all the characters in this book. They irritated me in so many ways, and I can’t help getting rid of the feeling. 😤

In addition to the hating-characters, I also hate Pete’s mates. They are sh*tty, tell you that. 😠 Reason(s)? Well, they don’t even care Jackie is disturbing Pete and tease him to take her, yes, the fact that he have Sam and going to be a father… they don’t care. 🤬🔥 They even want to hear the ‘gossip‘ to know more about Jackie just so they can hook up with her. It’s like they’re taking advantage on Pete’s hardships, I suppose? 🤦🏻‍♀️

RATINGWell, I think that is what I could say considering that I DNF it. It is really not for me as I get very sensitive over the way men treat women. So it’s obvious it’s a no from me. 🙅🏻‍♀️❌ I wouldn’t recommend this for you, though. But if you think you can handle this and want to give it a try, go. We all have different opinions and likes, after all. But if you do gave this book a try, please share what you think of this book with me. I would really appreciate it. 🖤

13 thoughts on “DNF Review: If Only I’d Listened

  1. Oh no, that sounds really annoying and dumb. I absolutely despise books that solely focus on the sexual need of one (or all) characters and so badly that all seem like jerks. I would’ve DNFed this book, too. I think the worst part would’ve been the nonchalancy of Sam…like, does she not understand how wrong Pete is? *eye roll* I loved this review, though ❤

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