Review: Gaston’s Tale by Celeste K. Ramirez



Title: Gaston’s Tale

Author: Celeste K. Ramirez

Genre: Fantasy, Teenage

Published: 24 February 2016

Publisher: Olympia Publisher

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Thank you so much to Olympia Publisher for providing me the review copy in exchange for an honest review! But surely, it will not affect my review in any way.

RATING“A different and slightly modern approach to an already well documented fairy tale, Celeste Ramirez follows her fascination with this genre and yet still provides the necessary ingredients to retain the expected magical mystery aura.
Christine, our heroine, and her brother, Gaston, enter into the world of the Beast with an added sprinkling of the arch rival, LeFou. With castles in the air and magical inventions the plot unfolds. As Celeste Ramirez reminds the reader, this is not the sweetest tale and there is no happy ending… just two sides to every story.”

-Goodreads Synopsis


“I will not fault you for wanting to believe in the sweet magical tale but please just remember. Remember that there are always two sides to every tale. That everything is not always what it seems or appears to be.”

Before I read this book, I have high expectations for it. I thought there will be more exciting things to unravel but then, it’s really not that exciting. Like, maybe there were more magical inventions or things to look forward to, but no. I know it will not be a happy ending but can we it at least have more conflicts or maybe evil sparkles..? Eh, pardon me that’s kind of lame…

As for the characters, I’m upset that the author didn’t tell much about them. It’s just that, the story flows too fast that I don’t even know who they really are. Even the main character, Christine. I can’t tell what kind of person she is; is she a good girl or is she not? I don’t know and I’m sad because hey, she’s the heroine and I’m supposed to know… right? Just like I know every main characters I’ve read. And no, it’s so different from a mysterious character. Not that.

Plus, she rolls her eyes too much. I don’t know about you guys but when a character roll her eyes way too much, it’s really annoying.

In addition, I don’t like Gaston. I get that the author want to make him like he’s changed from the good protective brother to a… how do we say that… a villain? Well, he changed to someone he wasn’t. And I hate that he always shout and scream. Like, it wasn’t that deep, bruh. No need to get all sensitive…

But then, the plot twist is quite good.





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