Clearing the Bookshelves

Hello everyone!

It’s already the end of August! How’s your reading activity so far? I was in a terrible slump but I managed to read two books anyway. It’s very little but that’s progress, right?

Anyway, since August is ending, I’d rearranged my bookshelves that I haven’t touched in months and I’ve also separated some of the books I no longer want. I don’t know why but I just feel like I want to get rid of those books I don’t like anymore. So, I decided to give those books away to my friends who want it.

At first, I wasn’t sure if anyone wants it because most of my friends don’t really like reading. But then, I got so many chats from them last night wanting to adopt my books and I’m SO GLAD because I really want to clean my bookshelves and don’t want those books anymore. And so, I’m making this post to share the books I got rid of.RATINGAge is Just a Number by L.I. Beer


This one is a review copy from a publisher. It’s a really nice cover but I don’t like the story and I don’t think I will ever read it again. Anyway, I’d wrote a review about this book and you can check it out here.


Paper Swans by Jessica Thompson


I bought this in 2015 unplanned and I never read it. I tried to read it but I just don’t feel like it… Dumb, right? smh


RED by Alison Cherry


I feel like this whole story is ridiculous and I just don’t think I want it on my shelf anymore.


Playing Grace by Hazel Osmond


I bought this one because it was on sale it was so cheap. Unfortunately, every time I tried to read it, it gave me slump. I’m just… not attracted with the words on the pages. I’m so sorry.


The Hive by Gill Hornby


I’ve never finished this book. I’ve only read two to three pages and I hated it. I don’t even know why I bought it. Oh right, it was on sale. Damn it.


The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins


This series… gosh. I’m not feeling it. Everyone I know seems to love it but I can’t get through it. Maybe it’s just not my genre. I love the movie but I can’t read dystopian. Maybe I should try it in the future when I’m really mature enough lol.


I Belong to No One by Gwen Wilson


Omg! This book is non-fiction and I don’t understand why I bought it! Who am I kidding?! I mean, I’m not into non-fiction. I can’t even finished one without having a slump but I… bought it? Damn, Sha. I actually know this book is non-fiction and myself thought that I was interested by the synopsis! LMAO Shaa why are you like this?!


MESSY by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan


To be honest, I didn’t know this book is a sequel. I bought this without knowing it has a book one. And after knowing that, I didn’t even read it. Well, maybe I did try to read few pages but it just didn’t interest me. But anyway, I’m confused why I bought it in the first place?! Gosh, good things that I know how to buy books now. Thanks to Goodreads. And oh, the never-ending TBR list.


Slaughter Pavilion by Catherine Simpson


Once again, I bought this book on sale and without knowing what it’s actually about. It really rolled me like a bulldozer, though. I didn’t get everything it said and the genre is just not my liking. I don’t like it. I shouldn’t buy it…


The Bling Ring by Nancy Jo Sales


Of course I regret buying this one. I never finished this book. I saw the film but the book… I got in a slump.


If Only I’d Listened  by Claire Boley

Layout 1

Hah, of course I will get rid of this book. If you don’t know yet, I really hate this book. I just hate everything about it. I got this book from a publisher in exchange for a review but unfortunately, the story is really bad that I DNFed it. I even made a DNF Review for it. If you’re wondering why I hate this book so much, you can check it here.RATINGThat’s a wrap! That’s all the books I got rid of from my bookshelves. And since my shelves have space now, I can put lots of ornaments on it! I’m thinking of putting artificial plants because I really love those things. Maybe I should make my bookshelves a garden-themed haha.RATING

Do you guys keep the books you don’t want anymore? Or do you just keep it on your shelf?


8 thoughts on “Clearing the Bookshelves

  1. Giving away books for me is like giving away my heart lol. But I find that it’s great that you’re giving away books that you dislike because people tastes are different and the books could find a new owner who’ll love them.

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  2. I totally get it that you have to get the book just because it was on sale!! Hey, hopefully these books find new owners that could appreciate it more. I do have some books that could need clearing up but my shelf is not full yet so when it’s starting to fill up, then I would clear them xD

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    1. Rightttt 😂 I love book sale! But the problem is, I always just buy anything I see without knowing what’s the book about and end up not liking it. Good thing I can handle that now 😁 Anyway, let me know if you are clearing your bookshelf one day! 😆


  3. Progress is progress no matter how small!
    I should SO fix my shelves too xD i just, eeh- and havent dine it yet ahah. I had 3 books I wanted to get rid off, which only one got a home :/ merp. No idea what ill do with the other two considering they are french ..

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