Review: All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire

First of all, this book is SO GREAT! I didn’t think it could be like THAT. I thought it was just the same love story like I used to read. But no, it was different. And I am shook.

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Title: All the Little Lights

Author: Jamie McGuire

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Published: 29 May 2018

Published by: Montlake Romance

All the Little Lights tells a story about two people who became friends during summer; Elliot Youngblood and Catherine Calhoun. When something unexpected happened to Catherine, Elliot left the town just when Catherine needed him. When Elliot finally returns, Catherine hates him but he will do everything he could to make her forgive him because she is his first love. And you never get over your first love. When they are finally together, it doesn’t mean they will always be happy. Even though Catherine trust Elliot, she still couldn’t let him in. Elliot is trying to understand her but the more days had past, the more the secret she’s keeping is unsettling.



“You are in control of your emotions. You’re in control of your reaction. You can, at any time, change the way you feel.”



From the beginning of the story, I was curious with everything and it gets worse in the rising action. It got me wondering all the time and even though it took me 3 days to finish the book, I can’t keep it down. And it made me stay awake at midnight.

Nevertheless, the plot twist is what got me really shook. I mean, I did know who’s behind everything (kind of suspected) but I didn’t think it would be… like that. I’m just going to say it; I love it. It got me all suspense and nervous that I can’t continue my days without reading the book. That’s dramatic, right? But I’m just telling you guys that this book is unexpected. 

Though, there are some parts that kind of doesn’t make sense to me but despite that, most of the story tells how the reality is. 


In addition, I have a lovehate relationship with the writing. Some parts, it was hard to understand what the writer is referring to but some parts, it’s just so easy. And it’s beautiful too, how the writer describes the situations, especially the feelings. So, it’s like, when I was confused with the situation and got a little annoyed, the beautiful parts of the writing covered it up. 

What I didn’t like from this book at first is the new characters that keep showing up in the next few chapters. But when I got in the climax, I understand why the writer did it like that.


Elliot Youngblood is now one of my favorite characters. Tell you what, he’s a fighter. It makes me admire him because he doesn’t give up to win Catherine’s heart. It amazed me, really: how he keeps on trying to make Catherine trust him. The Goodreads synopsis claimed that he is a star high school athlete but in the story, it doesn’t tell much about how star he is because it’s not much of attraction here. Once you read it, you’ll know that there’s something really important to look at rather than the star-athlete thingy, trust me.

Catherine Calhoun is that type of girl who likes to be alone. I can feel the sadness and how broken she is. It’s just.. I hate when she keeps pushing Elliot and everyone out of her life. Especially the ones who want to help her. All the insults from the people in school, she just ignore it even though she’s hurt by that. Catherine is also a quiet person. She keeps everything to herself even when she’s sad or mad; she keep it to herself with all the pressure. When she let it out, it feels so satisfying because all the feelings she’d bottled up inside finally burst out. 

Madison Saylor is one of my favorites. Even though she’s a bit off in the beginning, she is really an adorable friend. She is like this little girl and is so comfortable to be around with. And every time she’s mad, she will use crude language like a laser but it surprised me and sounds somewhat weird. Maybe because the thought of her being an adorable friend makes me not use to it.

Mrs. Mason. I’m gonna say Mrs. Mason is the hero too apart from Elliot, and Catherine of course. Well, maybe not hero, but more like sidekick.. maybe? Because she tried so hard to help Catherine to let out all that she keep inside, which Mrs. Mason can see that she is hurting. Though at first, I kind of hate her because I think she’s a busybody and couldn’t stop getting their nose in people’s lives. But I was wrong. She’s a lifesaver too.

 Aunt Leigh and Uncle JohnThese characters are the only couple that is different from the others. Their relationship is how Catherine hope everyone have.

In other words, all these characters (except Aunt Leigh and Uncle John) in this book are depressed. They are dealing with their own things. And they are all broken inside. I’m not sure what to feel about this, but it’s really sad that they’re dealing with their own cycling sadness. Despite that, I like how the writer create such characters. Not because they are sad, but they feel real to me. 

The only question (not really because there are many things) I’m claiming from the author is, what about Bill? Was he there? I’m kinda wondering about him after everything was reveal.

I know I’ve said it but I’m gonna say it again: This book is SO FREAKING GREAT! This is my first 5 stars book for this year. And I really, really recommend this book. Just, please give it a chance.



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