This OR That Book Tag

Hello bookish people! I’m here again with a book tag (woohoo I love bookish tags!). Thank you to the lovely Wormy @ The Bookish Wormy for tagging me in this such fun tag. Okay, let’s get started! 🧚🏼‍♀️


Series OR Standalone?

Hmmm. I’m not sure actually. Ever since I started my bookish life, I’ve been reading lots of standalone. I’ll only read series if I’m intrigued by the story or when people claim how the story is really good. So I guess, it depends on the story.


Magic Earned OR Magic Born?

Magic born!


Enemies to Lovers OR Friends to Lovers?

Enemies to lovers, of course! 😈


Hilarious Banter OR Emotional Ruin?

Emotional ruin! I loveee stories that play with my emotions. Y’know… the feels. It will always get a high rate from me hahaha sorry not sorry! 🙇🏻‍♀️ And also, this is why I always got in a bad mood after reading 😂


Love Triangle OR InstaLove?

Please.. we all LOVE a love triangle tropes deep inside. Aren’t we? 😏



Keyboard Smash Names OR All Start with the Same Letter?

I’ll go with keyboard smash names. The reason is that, there was this one time I read a book where most of the characters’ name start with the same letter and I was so curious because… why? 😫giphyIsn’t it going to be confusing for readers? What’s the motive for this? Is there going to be a twist where they are all actually siblings? Is that why their names start with the same letter? Seriously, this questions just keep going while I was reading the book and it’s really distracting. Maybe it’s just me overthinking everything but I still don’t like it. ☹️


Mean Parents OR Dead Parents?

Dead parents… 😶


Supermodel Looks OR Constantly Says How Plain They Are?

I’m… actually tired of this stereotypes. Can we not have a book that focus on telling how attractive the characters are?  I mean, it’s okay to have the characters have good looks but making them like they’re so special and perfectly flawless is… so tiring. Personally, I love a character based on their personality and attitudes. And by this, I don’t mean it’s always going to be a good one. You can have your characters not being the perfect 10 but if people gonna like it, they will like it anyway regardless of how the characters look. Because for me, I think the personality matters the most for characters no matter if they’re the good guy or the bad guy. 😊


Face on Cover VS. Typography on Cover?

It depends on how pretty the cover is! It doesn’t matter as long as it’s pretty because to be honest, I am that kind of person who judge a book by its cover. Sorry to disappoint, people.


Villain turning a Little Good OR Hero turning a Little Bad?

Villain turning a little good. I like stories where the villains have terrible backstory and that is actually what makes them being villains. *whispers* Draco Malfoy, people. Draco Malfoy~


Best Friend Dies OR Love Interest Dies?

Hehehehe. Love interest dies. 😏


Awesome Writing with a Dull Plot OR Amazing Plot with Murderously Bad Writing?

I’ll go with awesome writing with a dull plot. Seriously, bad writing always gets me in slump. So, it’s a no from me. 



Cliffhanger Ending OR Heart Breaking Ending?

Definitely heart breaking ending! Like I said, I love reading a book that plays with my feelings.


Breaking the Spine OR Dog Earing the Pages?

Dog earing the pages… I know most of you won’t do both of those things but for me, I’m okay with my books being dog-eared. Just… I won’t be okay with breaking the spines. NO. 🙅🏻‍♀️ It’s only okay if it’s old books, though.


Bad Boy Trope OR Perfect Golden Boy Trope as Love Interest?

Of course bad boy trope! I’m sorry but I love reading bad boys stories. That’s the tea, people. I’m sucks.



Okayyyy that’s a wrap! It’s done! Thank you so much guys for reading. And thank you once again to Wormy for the tag!

I’m tagging these lovely bloggers ≈

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Do you guys prefer a happy ending or a breaking ending? Let me know in the comment! xx


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