Review: Just For a While by Zøe Haslie



Title: Just For A While

Author: Zøe Haslie

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Published: 16 January 2018


Disclaimer: Thank you to Zøe for providing me the copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Charlotte Harrington is forced to move in with her father, Daniel which she never met before and know nothing about when her mom sends her away during summer before college. From the promise, Charlotte is stuck in the coastal town of Rosetown where she meets Misha Breckenridge. As the summer unfolds, Charlotte starts to get used to Rosetown and other people around. The problem is, she still doesn’t let Daniel into her life.



This book is somewhat predictable. From the beginning, I already know what will happen. But it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. I’ve read a book similar to this but I couldn’t remember which one. I’ve gotta say that it’s a bit cliché. It’s not the cringey type of cliché but a simple good one. The one you can take it without cringing with every lines.

The thing I’m not satisfied with is when Charlotte’s mother make her promised not to contact her while she was away. To be honest, it’s really weird that Charlotte can’t get in touch with her mother while she’s in the treatment. I know her mother do that so Charlotte can enjoy her life and not to suffocate herself taking care of her mother, but what, she can’t even ask how her mom is doing? Not even a short phone call? Why?

For me, I don’t have anything against the writing. It doesn’t have much of the special beauty writing but nonetheless, the writing is easy to understand. Which means the writing is good and suitable for the genre. 🌸

The thing is that, when it comes to explaining details, it can be a bit boring. Maybe it’s just me, not the writing but honestly, I don’t care about the details of the hotel project. No offense, but it makes me dozed off.

Charlotte. The first chapter, it looks like Charlotte is a tough girl. But actually, she’s not emotionally disabled after all. She’s just trying to protect herself from people because she’s scared to get hurt. She tried so hard not to care about everyone around her but at some point, she failed. I’m really annoyed when she keeps saying she doesn’t like Misha—or anyone in the matter. I hate that she’s denying her feeling more than she realized. She’s already lower her guard but still, she tries to build walls that’d already fall down. IMO, she is making a fool of herself because Misha knows better. 😏

Daniel is Charlotte’s father. He is stubborn just like her. Like father, like daughter they said and it’s true. I kind of enjoy when these two are arguing. Whenever Charlotte show her protest, Daniel will also show his protest. It’s childish, but it’s done in a pretty way. I like the scene when Daniel won’t take a sh*t from Charlotte when he insisted on giving her a ride and it goes the same with the scene in the car. I actually laughed. 😂 I’m just disappointed that Daniel doesn’t show up a lot in the story. Well I mean, he does show up *a lot* but the interaction between him and Charlotte is so little. And I actually craved for it because they can make a good duo! 

Misha the cocky guy. I think he’s a pushover because even though Charlotte keep pushing him away, he still gets near her. He doesn’t care what Charlotte think of him or say to him. He just… keep on doing something he wants until Charlotte slowly get used to it. Even though he looks like he doesn’t worry about anything and is stress-free, he sure is not that carefree.

Olivia is the nicest person in this story. Apart from being sweet, she is also cheerful. It’s hard to ignore her and it’s like you just want to be with her all the time because she’s fun to be with.

It’s a good read. It doesn’t have that much conflicts but when it to comes to it, it’s not pressuring and it doesn’t really stress you out. I’d recommend it if you guys like contemporary. Plus, it’s a good read for summer!🌷

RATING (2)4-stars-clipart-8

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Have you guys read a book similar to this? If so, feel free to share it with me! 💕

2 thoughts on “Review: Just For a While by Zøe Haslie

  1. I’ve never read Alex, Approximately but I reaaally adore the cover! Will definitely check it soon. Also, Jasmine Warga is one of my favorite and Here We Are Now is on my tbr (ugh, really need to get that very soon). Thank you for reading, Jen! Really appreciate that 💕


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