Review: Hamartia by Raquel Rich


Title: Hamartia

Author: Raquel Rich

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller

Published: 15 August 2018

Publisher: Words Matter Publishing


Grace’s nine-year-old son, Jordan, is dying. First, the Metagenesis disease will tear his soul from his body, and then it will kill him. Desperate for a cure, Grace agrees to take part in an illegal clinical trial cloning souls. Supported by her best friend Kay, the two embark on the ultimate “Vegas Vacation” to the past in search of the right soul to clone, racing against time to save Jordan’s life. But someone is trying to stop them and when they discover why Grace must make a choice: let her son die or kill her husband. If she kills her husband, she triggers widespread Metagenesis, sealing the fate of the human race with a new plague. Humanity is counting on Grace choosing to let her son die.

—Goodreads synopsis

Disclaimer: I got this copy in exchange for an honest review but it will not affect my review in any way.


“I think about how life should be as simple as it once was for us, and yet it’s not.”


Once I started reading the first chapter, I was kinda confused with what’s happening. It’s like, I was bursting myself in a middle of a hectic gathering. It was hard to get into the story; everything was ‘all of sudden’ and it’s only the beginning but you need to take it all in anyway. So, it took quite a time to really understand every details of the situation.

Apart from that, the plot is pretty confusing. Sometimes I felt like I’d missed something and it just left me hanging like that. But despite that, there are parts that I actually like; the confusion/mismatch information that happened between Grace and Kay about the hitman and the young man with the burn mark. I admit it was quite a suspense and made me want to know more; of who, why and how.

Furthermore, the letter at the end sort of explained the tiny hole of the plot. I would say the ending is such a cliffhanger because it didn’t explain what exactly had happened but actually, the ending had been told throughout the story. I was sad―what had happened. But I was actually prepared for it even before that. So, it didn’t feel as much as a hit in the face. It’s like, you’re sad about it, but you’re prepared for it.

And at the end of the day, Grace tried so hard to work on a scheme to redeem her crap. If she didn’t do what she did, she won’t be facing the struggle. But what done is done. And this might be harsh, but I’m gonna say it; whatever thing you did, you will face the consequences. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good, there will always be an outcome for it.


Even though I had a little bit of a hard time with the plot, I actually like the writing. Sure, the plot was confusing but the writing actually helped me solved the confusion. Meaning to say, it didn’t make me more confused. It’s easy for me to understand what the writer was describing. I don’t really know how to describe a writing as I am not good at it but I would like to say that the writing of this book is great.


Grace. Gosh, I gotta admit I had a hard time dealing with this character. I would like to say that Grace is a selfish person. Sure, she cared about her son (which I love) but apart from her son, she only cared about herself. She thought she’s the only one suffering and it’s all about her. And everyone who’s hurting around her doesn’t matter. She also liked to put a blame on everyone. Whenever she’s angry at something, she’ll burst it out at someone who isn’t at fault just to make herself feel better.

Not to mention playing the victim card. Her stubborn trait is also annoying. It got on my nerves every time she decided anything. A true Hamartia, I supposed. And she made me want to scream at her throughout the book when she judge something―or someone. Honestly, she’s a judgmental. She’s all like ‘I like her’, ‘She seems nice I want to like her’, ‘Oh I thought I liked her’ and ‘Well, I decided not to like her anymore cuz she’s stupid’ Ooo-kay, Grace. O-kay.

Kay is Grace’s best friend. I like her character because she’s a positive person with a carefree attitude. She didn’t like to think bad things and whenever a bad thing happened, she will keep quiet to avoid the bad energy. Throughout the book, she tried so hard to keep a positive mindset even when everything went south. And being with Grace―the bad energy kind of person, was actually tiring. It was mentioned that along with a carefree attitude, Kay is a person with quirky idioms. I’m sad that there weren’t many of her idioms in the book. I feel there were only three of it and I’d love to have more of it.

Marc. I pity for him throughout the book, even from the start. Grace had blamed him from the beginning and I knew he’s hurt about it. Their son was dying and he must felt depressed but Grace took all the credits and acted like she’s the one suffering. I know Jordan was the one dying but I can only think the heartbreaking one here was Marc too.

From the start, until the end. I even wanted to cry for him. See? That bad. I wanted to be there with him and hug him and tell him that he is loved; that he is worth it. He didn’t deserved all of that and I’m really, really sad for him.

Grace might think that he can’t handle every serious situations, but I think that’s how he cope with stressful things. Just like Kay, he didn’t want to deal with bad energy. He will try to calm himself by being quiet. Because what’s the point of being loud and mad in a stressful event if you only gonna make it worse? It’s better to keep the mouth shut.

Well, there are parts of this book that I like but there are also parts I don’t quite like. It was all so-so for me.

RATING (2)STAR-3.5-2

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