Short Review: Let’s Be Legends by Sean Fesko


Title: Let’s Be Legends

Author: Sean Fesko

Genre: Fiction

Published: 21 February 2019 

Publisher:  Red Finch Publishing

Disclaimer: I got this copy from the author in exchange for a review.

Kara Olecki didn’t mean to kill her boyfriend Matt. But she did—and she’s paying the price. As she waits for the jury’s decision, she has nothing but time to recap all the important moments, both good and bad, that led up to her sentencing. Told in dual timelines, experience Kara’s thoughts in the courtroom and musings from the previous two years: From the first time she laid eyes on Matt and their ski trip to Colorado, to their squabbles and individual tribulations. It was the kind of first relationship that Kara had imagined. Right up until the end.


This short story is told in dual timelines; the present where Kara is confessing every moments before she killed her boyfriend and the past where she’s spending most of her time with him.  Though this is a short story, the pacing is pretty fast. Everything was quick. There’s so many things in this book that I want to have more of it. I hope the story is longer and tell more of the details because I just don’t think it’s enough. 

Kara isn’t just a ‘typical new student’. She’s actually a kickass. This character surprised me on how she doesn’t fall into the stereotype of being a shy and too-scared girl in her new school. And how she isn’t afraid to roast the immature boys for mocking her. Even though she amazed me, she can be too much too; cold and mean. She have these two personalities; both different and opposite of each other. I am upset that we didn’t see much of the ‘external personality’ of her. We’re actually with the external her the entire story but it keeps dragging the internal one and that’s why I think it’s not really enough.

Last but not least, I do like this story. The plot is good but the pacing is the one thing I’m not satisfied with. I want more of it and ‘just this’ is not enough for me. I really want it to be longer.



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7 thoughts on “Short Review: Let’s Be Legends by Sean Fesko

  1. Wow, well you certainly made me curious about this book, that synopsis sounds… intense ahah, and I really like dual timelines in stories! 🙂 I’m happy you overall enjoyed that one, thank you for sharing this review! 😀

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