Monthly Wrap-Up: February Reads and a Little Too Personal?

Hi hiii we’re already leaving February! To be honest, this month was ‘meh’ for me because I cried a lot. I don’t usually cry (k-dramas excluded) but life took over me and my heart is too soft for it. My anxiety was a real blow to the heart (and at some point, I got anxiety attacks, barely sleep, lost my appetite and got sick) As it became less intense, I wasn’t getting better but instead, I was sad. My heart is aching throughout the month but while I was trapped in that hard time, I forced myself to keep a positive mindset.🍃

I don’t know how but I’ve been in a worst condition before and I just think I know better with how to deal with it now. Though, it was hard and hurt. I wanted to reach out to my friend but I just don’t think she’d understand because I don’t even know how to explain. And because, she was also having a hard time so I don’t want to burden her. There, we’re sad and alone, but we’re together…. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore I’m sorry 😣

I’m upset. I’m upset. I’m upset.

Anyway, I tried spreading the positivity as much as I can and share good things. So far, I think I did good. Maybe a little congrats for me on that? I’d really need that 💫 Also maybe a double congrats because succeeded on showing that I’m okay throughout the month??? 😆

I’ve also promised myself to keep a good vibe on Twitter. I actually try so hard not to let my emotions take over me and burst out through tweets. I know I did that before but I promised myself to keep a good vibe on there now.💖✨

Okayyyy enough with that bad energy! Now move to my reading activities this month which went pretty well 👏🏼 I’m sure it’s better than January. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t gonna read anything because my reading slump was so unbearable! It’s the worst, but it’s always the worst… But then, I fought it and *kinda* forced myself to read. But everything was okay, though. I didn’t pressure myself from that because I read some good books. So don’t worry 😉RATING

Okay now, let’s begin with what I’ve read this February! 🌷✨


The Girl in Trouble by Stacy Claflin 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This was my first read of February. I was contemplating what to read at the beginning of the month and ended up with this. It was really interesting and I was intrigued with this Alex Mercer series. Maybe I should continue it…

Hamartia by Raquel Rich 🌟🌟🌟.5

I like the concept of this story but it was really confusing at first. But the climax got me emotional even though I was frustrated at the main character before that. You can read my full review here.

Let’s Be Legends by Sean Fesko 🌟🌟🌟🌟

This one is a short story about Kara being sentenced for killing her boyfriend. I personally think this story have its own potential but the pacing is too fast. Maybe because it’s a short story??? 🤔 You can read my full review here.

Shadow Girl by Liana Liu 🌟🌟🌟

This is my first time reading from this author (which I’ve never known before). The story is quite interesting. It gave me all the suspense but I also don’t like how some chapters are just so unnecessary and all unnecessary stuff that had been mentioned one by one.

American Panda by Gloria Chao 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I finally had the chance to read this. And I’m so happy to say I LOVE THIS BOOK! 😍 The characters, the plot, the pacing, the writing—oh my gosh, seriously, the writing! There’s so much humors in this book and I just love everything about it! ❤️

The Beat on Ruby’s Street by Jenna Zark 🌟🌟🌟.5

A Middle Grade historical fiction book about Ruby who was on her way to Keruoac’s reading but was caught stealing at fruit store. After that incident, Ruby’s life is suddenly a mess; she is forced to live in children’s home. I found some tiny plot holes throughout this story which is really unsatisfying. You can read my full review here.

Fool’s Errand by Jenna Zark 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Following The Beat on Ruby’s Street, Fool’s Errand is the second book in this series. I personally think this book is better than the first one. The troubles they’re facing feels more intense and if you know me, I’ll be emotional about it. And yes, I was. 😂 You can read my full review here.


At the end of the day, even though this wasn’t a good month for me, my reading progress is getting better.😊 I’ve also started a bujo. It was a typical one but it helped me to be more organized. It helps so much and I’m so grateful for it.💖

Well, I hope everything will go smoothly this month. I hope YOU too have good times this month. 🌷✨


How was your February, everyone? You can tell me all about it and I’d be happy to know what you’ve been up to last month!! xx 🌷✨


28 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: February Reads and a Little Too Personal?

  1. I’m sorry February wasn’t good for you mentally, Shaa. I definitely relate to the feeling, as I feel like last year I was also pushing myself to be positive, more for the sake of others. Honestly, it’s okay to just be sad sometimes. Because I didn’t want to worry anyone, I’d force myself to be smiley and “normal” all the time, but it just exhausted me even more. If you need to take a time for yourself, don’t be afraid to do so! It’s okay not to be okay. 💛
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your read of American Panda – it’s one of my favorite books of 2019 so far. I loved the characters and the relationships in that book!
    Hopefully, March will treat you better. I’m sending you a lot of positive vibes. 💞💫


  2. Awe, I hope you’re feeling better, Shaa💜
    When I’m in deep depression my thoughts kinda just spring out on my Twitter page and I should probably learn to control that. Last month was horrible for me too. And January? And tbh I’m still jot feeling all that great.
    For the shortest month of the year, it did seem so much longer, didn’t?
    Whenever you feel like that, I’d really like it if you messaged me on Twitter♡ (Bookishlybree).

    Yesss! So happy to see you liked American Panda, seeing as I bought it last month, haha 🙂
    I remember wanting to read Shadow Girl when it came out (I didn’t). Now I’ve kinda forgotten what it’s about, oops.
    The title makes me think I should read it in October😂

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    1. Awww Brianna this is so sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words 😭 I do feel better now and I hope you too! We’re already following each other on Twitter so you can message me if you’re not feeling good, ok?

      You need to read American Panda ASAP! It’s such a fun read and I can’t stop turning the pages 😆

      Thank you again, Brianna! 💖🌷


  3. I feel like February might be a stressful month for a lot of people. It’s a shorter month and everything resets so quickly in Feb. If you ever need anyone to talk to, shoot me a message!

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  4. So sorry to hear that February was a rough time for you! I can definitely relate as February was a rather down month for me, but I’m feeling much more hopeful for all that March will bring!

    I’m really impressed by how many books you were able to read this month! I really need to work on reading more this year.

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    1. I hope March will bring more good times for both of us! ✨

      I read a lot to distract myself from all that bad energy 😅 Glad that it helped a lot. I hope you’ll enjoy what you’re reading this month! That’s more important 💕


  5. Great post! I think your honesty is refreshing and I can relate with every single meme. Sending warm thoughts to you! I also had a rough month and I know how that goooooes. Also, love the sound of the books you were able to read. I’ll add them to my list. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much, Savannah! That means a lot 💖 And please do add them especially American Panda! It’s such a fun read.
      One again, thank you so much 🌷✨


    1. Don’t feel guilty about it it’s okay! I was really in the mood for reading to distract myself. And yesss please check out American Panda! It’s such a fun read!

      Thank you for the kind words 💖 I hope this month is good for you too 🌷

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  6. I’m so sorry that February has been a tough month, I really hope that March will be better, sending you tons of love and light and positive vibes ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope this month is good for you too 🌷 And yes, please do! Especially American Panda. That book is hilarious ✨


  7. I went through the same with my anxiety, you’re not alone, we’re all here for you!!! ❤ I hope this month is better😁 btw: You just reminded me that I HAVE to read American Panda!!! 😂

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    1. Aww I’m sorry to hear that but at least we’re together right?? 😁 I also hope this month is better for you ✨

      And pleaseeee read American Panda!! It’s so funny and fun to read I love EVERYTHING about it 😍🌷

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