Last Review: Love from A to Z (and a Goodbye Message)

Hello!! Some of you already know that I am leaving but here’s my last review for this blog. I want to leave just like that but this book kept on holding me until after I share this review. So that being said, this is the last review and post from Moonlight Pages.

RATINGA marvel: something you find amazing. Even ordinary-amazing. Like potatoes—because they make French fries happen. Like the perfect fries Adam and his mom used to make together. An oddity: whatever gives you pause. Like the fact that there are hateful people in the world. Like Zayneb’s teacher, who won’t stop reminding the class how “bad” Muslims are. But Zayneb, the only Muslim in class, isn’t bad. She’s angry. 

When she gets suspended for confronting her teacher, and he begins investigating her activist friends, Zayneb heads to her aunt’s house in Doha, Qatar, for an early start to spring break. Fueled by the guilt of getting her friends in trouble, she resolves to try out a newer, “nicer” version of herself in a place where no one knows her. Then her path crosses with Adam’s.

Since he got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in November, Adam’s stopped going to classes, intent, instead, on perfecting the making of things. Intent on keeping the memory of his mom alive for his little sister. Adam’s also intent on keeping his diagnosis a secret from his grieving father. Alone, Adam and Zayneb are playing roles for others, keeping their real thoughts locked away in their journals.

Until a marvel and an oddity occurs… Marvel: Adam and Zayneb meeting. Oddity: Adam and Zayneb meeting.



Title: Love from A to Z

Author: S.K Ali

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Published: 30 April 2019

Publisher: Salaam Reads

Amazon | Goodreads | Book Depository

I would love to thank Alexandra from Twirling Pages for passing this book to me and Tiffany from Read by Tiffany for the shipping cost. I am forever grateful and appreciate your kindness.


“Make sure that you make the beginning of whatever you begin beautiful.”

I don’t think I ever read a book where Qatar took place but somehow, I felt familiar of it. I don’t know but maybe déjà vu…?

Actually, it’s so exciting that this is the first time I read a book of Muslim representation that actually mention of Muslim prayer; even the related things of it such as prayer rugs which we call sajjada or sejadah, dua after every prayers, wiping one’s hands gently on face after dua. This is my first time reading from S.K Ali and I am impressed with this book. I love how the traditional customs/practices of the Islamic community (which we call Sunnah) were presented here.

I also love when S.K Ali mentioned the story of a lady who gave water to a dog by filling the water in her shoe. I remember how this story has been brought up multiple times in elementary and secondary school as a lesson. This story (or hadith) can be interpret in different ways actually but I don’t want to be staying long here so….

ALSOOOOO! I couldn’t help but to point out when S.K Ali mentioned the Surah of the Cave or Surah al-Kahf. This is one of my favorite Surahs! The seven youths (Ashabul Kahfi) who hid in the cave to escape from religious persecution. They were put in sleep for 309 years and then woke up to a different era. What makes me also love this Surah is because of their dog, given the named Qhitmir, being their guardian throughout their journey.

Okay, I apologize for being long on that haha. But anyway, please allow me to share Zayneb’s frustration of swimming attire especially at public pools. As a hijabi, I’ve always restrain myself from getting into swimming pool because I don’t have proper swimsuit… It’s been years but I’m okay……  

SO, I wasn’t even on 100 pages in the book but both Zayneb’s and Adam’s impulsiveness already makes me think that “if it’s meant to be, it will be”, because….


Honestly, in my opinion, there are a bit flaws with the plot and the side characters. The plot is just okay with not much of major conflicts. Which makes the pacing steady and I’m not sure about this, but I guess…. calm?? While the side characters like Adam’s friends…. I would say they aren’t that much of the story here. I mean, if they are not in this book, it wouldn’t be much of a different.  

Anyway, i’ts been a long time since I read a book (I swear I feel like I said that hundred times already) with an unproblematic male character and I adore this very much. I adore Adam. And I didn’t realized how cute this book actually is! I mean, SO cute. Cute, cute man! Their metaphors are so mad cute. And that makes me impressed on how their corniness doesn’t feel cringey or cliche at all. Well, maybe a little cliche but it wasn’t bad. Instead, I enjoyed it very much, I loved it. It’s very rare to have this kind of story of Muslim couples actually. That’s why.

While reading this book, I feel happy at some parts and angry and sad. That’s normal. The sad part was because I can feel the pain in this book. And angry because my heart was burning up from the racism.

Though, as much as I appreciate this book, there’s also one thing I’m upset with but I will not mention it so I wouldn’t hurt anyone here hehe. But it’s just one thing compare to the many things I’m happy with this book. And did you know that my country, Malaysia were mentioned twice in this book? I’m so honored actually. Not to forget the Ice Kacang! yesss mannnn!





Okayyyyy that’s the end of my review! So now I’ll be leaving a goodbye message to everyone on here. As I said before, this is my last review and my last post. I will no longer be blogging. It’s not a hiatus. I am closing my blogging journey. Though, I won’t delete my blog because whenever I feel like missing it, I will visit and read those silly posts lmao.

Honestly, it has been a wonderful journey. I learned a lot and met lots of good people. I’m actually sad of leaving but staying here also isn’t doing any good to me. Blogging was one of the things that made me happy but without realizing, it also has taken a toll on me little by little. But I will be forever grateful to the many opportunities I had while being on here and I will never forget it. 

And taking a piece of messy revelations from my private account; While I was blogging, I was happy to create a content but most of the time, I wasn’t. I was in denial about this because I don’t want people to think I am burdened by it but I know one day I need to accept it eventually.

I know I will never be good with my mental about my blogging work. So before it gets worse than it already is, I know it’s time to put a stop in this. I know this is a very bad and terrible reason to leave so don’t be like me. I gave up on this and you shouldn’t. Keep on doing it. Don’t be like me.  

Before I end this post, I would love to shoutout and thank my fellow closest and people I adore around the blogosphere. 

To Evelina, thank you very much for the newbie bloggers directory. Without you, I would be lost forever in the blogging world with no friends. And also Lauren of Northern Plunder, the unforgettable guide in the Discord. I may be quiet and not talking much but I saw everything in there and I saw you helping people.

To Tiffany, my first blogging friend, I am forever grateful to know you. The sweetest human being ever!!! I am actually so proud of you, seeing how far you’ve come to blogging and I just…. *cries* I don’t think you’re my friend anymore because gosh, you’re now an inspiration. I’ll miss you, Tiff.

To my Malaysian blogger friends, Jessica and Sis Rahil, thank you thank you very much for supporting me through and through. I am very thankful for your support and I was actually happy when you guys reply to my tweets or rants.

To Ash, thank you very much to always check up on me. I am very sorry I couldn’t do the same to you and I’m sorry that I am always sad whenever you asks how I’m doing. I’ll never forget your kindness and I’ll never forget you. You’re an amazing friend and the bravest person I know here, even though you said you aren’t. But to me, you are.

To Bree, thanks for being the rainbow and showing up randomly on my notification. It might mean nothing, but it actually makes me smile. And Dani, the one who used to be my mental support. I’ll also never forget you.

To Marie, the one who always show up on my wordpress notification. I’m glad to know you. I’ll miss the excitement of contemporary books and how we love that Sarah Ockler’s book. 

I’m sorry if I didn’t mention you. There are lots of other people I am grateful and thankful of. You all have been wonderful. And so, to everyone who have been with me in this journey, I love you, I love you and I will never forget you. And thank you for all the warm and kind wishes.




I love you to the moon and back.





One thought on “Last Review: Love from A to Z (and a Goodbye Message)

  1. i’m so thankful that i got to know you, shaa

    you’re a wonderful friend and i know you’re going to do kick ass things in life. i’m always here for you, i’m always rooting for you.

    i love you to the moon and back ~


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